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We would like to welcome you to AionNews.com. We bring you Aion Simplified news that is easy to follow and what you need to play better.

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For Armor/Weapons goto: Aiondatabase.net

Siege Times Created to 4.9 Patch

If the info is out there and is know we rather point you to the info instead of wasting our time duplicating it. We keeping it real...

Spawn Times

As soon as a pattern of spawns emerge, we try to build a spawn time generator so you know when and where they are at that time.


We listen to your needs and wants on twitter or just hearing it in-game. If it is in demand then we will make a tutorial for you. We will not duplicate what is already out there like quests that you can get on an aiondatabase. We are here to expand on the knowledge and to give more beyond what is already out there.


News is broke down into a few categories.

  • First one is on what is new in updates that will effect game play. We tell what you need to know so you can make the correct choices.

  • The 2nd thing we do is give you the patch note. If we find them we make them easy and available to find on our site.

  • The 3rd is rumours and korean patch notes. They usually tell use what we will get about six to seven months after their release. This will allow us to prepare you all on what to expect and may even save for for something that may be worth to get in the next version.

Coming Soon to AionNews.com

(cannot wait for these to speed up more help pages built for you.)

  • Login and Registration (this will be a free service)

  • Community Posts. (This is where you place you requests to make a tutorial or such. This will be a logged in service only so you will have to register to use it. This will be a positive area only. All negative stuff will be removed. We want a great environment for the whole family to use. When the quests are asked it will be in the asked category. After an Admin looks it over, it will be placed in a sorted category and answered. The post can notify you when an admin responds to it.

  • We will be making a character tutorial. This has been a request by several users because Aion's website says nothing about the new classes. We decided to fix that and get one that is up-to-date with todays NA game play. Stay toon for that.

Removed from AionNews.com

I am sorry to say we have removed the Videos News Reports. They was taking too long of time to make since I was one one able to do the editing and assembling of the videos. Instead, we will create our news articles as we did before but in Web form, but we may do a voice only on them as well with the same info as your reading. The MP3 will be available to download to whatever the device you want at no charge. This way you can get the news when you have time for it. As for the tutorials, you may see some video in there depending on what we need to show you such as building a Chat Radar. This is one of those things that is just easier watching a video and speed through it.

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